In our vaping accessories section, you will find everything you need to accentuate or embellish your e-cig from storage cases, replacement vape glasses, vaping organic cotton e.g. cotton bacon, coil building kits coil master, pre made vaping coils, vape mats, replacement bubble glasses, COTN Threads and more !!! 

Vaping accessories are not just about looks. They can also aid in safety and accessibility of your e-cig.

Removable batteries should never be stored loose. It’s great to carry fully charged extras with you, as you never want to be caught short in traffic or on an evening out with a dead battery. But keeping them in your pockets and bags unprotected can cause serious problems and harm, 420 Vaporizer have a range of ways to store and transport your batteries safely and with confidence.

Dive straight in and have a look, can’t find the right accessory for your e-cig, just call our friendly customer service team on: 01202 800820 who will be more than happy to help with any queries.