Grinding dry herbs for vaping is a must. No matter what vaporizer you get yourself you should also avail yourself of a good grinder. Grinders keep your dry herb fine and vaporizers will always work much better with a finer than coarse herb. 

There are several types of grinders you can choose from and many reasons why you might choose either. But let's give a brief overview.

Weed Grinder UK

The traditional two part dry herb grinder. Generally speaking this is the cheapest and most straightforward option. Just pop your material in one half, attach the other, and grind to your heart's content. We have a couple that might be of interest for you.

For example the Wolf Pocket grinder is affordable and convenient. Or the V-Grinder 2 Part is made from aircraft grade aluminium. Two parters are sure to get the job done and keep all your materials and their active properties together. But there is a danger of over-grinding, making a too-fine herb that can rise up to the mouthpiece.

Electric Grinder  UK 

An Electric Grinder is a grinder which is powered by electricity. Easy to use and extremely to have, Electric Grinders are known for their High Quality Grinder ability. With far less effort involved than with a regular hand powered Grinder, Electric Grinders are perfect for those relaxed sessions where you simply just want to kick back. At 420 Vaporizer UK we stock the best quality electric grinders at the very best prices. Dry herb grinders are an essential part of any herb fans smoking or vaping kit. You have to ensure you can get the best dry herb experience possible.

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