SPECIAL OFFER! KloudKraf 50ml Shortfill 0mg (60VG/40PG)

SPECIAL OFFER! KloudKraf 50ml Shortfill 0mg (60VG/40PG)

  • £3.50

The NEW Premium Malaysian Juice. A Must Try!

- Made in Malaysia

- 50ml Shortfill

- 0mg

- 60VG/40PG


YELLOW DIAMOND: Its a Blend of Tangy Lemons Mixed with the Perfect amount of Sweetness. A Refreshing e-liquid that will have you wanting more!

PINK LYCHEE SODA: This pretty pink-hued beverage e-juice while made of an unlikely combination to some, is a Surprisingly Delightful Mix Sweet, Creamy and Flavoured Delicately with Roses & Lychee. This E-Juice is Extremely Great for cooling off on a Hot day.

CHILLED MIMOSA COCKTAIL: This E-Juice features a Crisp Highlight of Sparkling wine with a Delicious Backdrop of freshly Squeeze Citrus Juice. It is a Perfect all day Vape for Everyone.

PASSION GUAVA BLAST: This is Sweet Juicy Guava and Apple base Swirled in a Crisp plum juice infused with Secret Essence.A Refreshing and Fabulous Vape for Fruity Lovers.

GOLDEN VANILLA CREAMCAKE: This is a must Vape for all Creamy lovers. A Golden-backed Snack Cake with a fluffy Vanilla Cream filling inside

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